imgcvt is an converter for X-ray diffraction images produced by mar and Dectris detectors into hdf5 The program is written in python (>=3). For file input, C-routines are used. imgcvt supports the following image formats: - mar345 (e.g. images with extension .mar2300, .mar1200, etc.) - mar300 (e.g. images with extension .image) - marccd (images produced by the Rayonix CCD-detectors) - raw (e.g. raw 16- or 32-bit arrays without header) - cbf (crystallographic binary format) - mrc (MRC format implemented by CCP4 using mrcfile library)


Python 3.7 or later. The program also makes use of:

  • numpy
  • cffi
  • h5py
  • hdf5plugin

Ubuntu and Debian Like linux distributions:#

To use imgcvt on Ubuntu (a linux distribution based on Debian) the needed python modules can be installed either through the Synaptic Package Manager (found in System -> Administration) or using apt-get on from the command line in a terminal. The extra ubuntu packages needed are:

  • python3-tk
  • python3-numpy
  • python3-cffi
  • python3-h5py

using apt-get these can be installed as:

sudo apt-get install python3-numpy python3-cffi python3-h5py python3-tk

The hdf5plugin must be installed through the pip3 utility. It is not available as debian package.

sudo pip3 install hdf5plugin